GKA TECHNO 2022 | 21-22 April

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Society: Minds and Machines

Welcome to GKA TECHNO 2022, the 11th International Conference of Technology, Science and Society, held in collaboration with UniCuritiba (Centro Universitário Curitiba). The conference has become a discussion forum exploring those technologies which can influence the means of production and distribution of knowledge – especially information and communication technologies – and technologies social, understood as a factor of social integration from the ideals of an open society in which technology is used to meet human needs and to serve community interests. This year the highlighted theme is "Artificial intelligence (AI) and Society: Minds and Machines".

Remember that in order to deliver a talk at the conference, you must first submit your proposal for review. Once it is accepted, you will be able to register. Deadline for submissions: April 8, 2022.

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