1st NEM Congress 2022 | June 9-10

Cognitive neurosciences applied to the management of organizations

Welcome to NEM 2022, the 1st International Congress of Neuroscience, Business and Marketing, held in collaboration with Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. This conference is aimed, on the one hand, at those people who work and research in the business world and who have to face organizational and/or human resources decisions in the most professional and efficient way possible. Therefore, it is aimed at anyone who wants to motivate, train, and support the members of a business structure so that they are able to contribute their potential at work. On the other hand, it meets the needs of professionals who already have experience in this field and who want to deepen the matter.
Remember that in order to deliver a talk at the conference, you must first submit your proposal for review. Once it is accepted, you will be able to register. Deadline for submissions: May 25, 2022.
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