Interested in publishing?

Speakers may submit the full article for publication (with discount) in one of the journals or book series of Global Knowledge Academics, according to the evaluation of the scientific committee:

GKA Collection of Scientific Journals

All journals are subject to a rigorous external peer-review process to ensure the publication of works of the highest scientific quality. The arbitration system uses external reviewers to this publisher and only original texts are accepted for publication. Peer evaluation is doubly anonymous (also known as the double-blind model). That is, the identity of the reviewers is hidden from the authors, and vice versa. As a general rule, the editor sends the received manuscript to two peer-reviewers. In the case of any doubt, the publisher reserves the right to send it to a third reviewer, or to as many additional reviewers as is deemed necessary in order to ensure the quality of the publication.

Electronic versions of articles are published immediately and continuously (publication on the go). Each article is published on the web as soon as the stages of layout, testing and paging are completed. The journals are biannual, that is, two issues are published per year. The first biannual edition is completed half-way through the year (June / July), and the second is completed at the end of the year (December).

Intellectual Dialogues of the 21st Century series

Intellectual Dialogues of the 21st Century

Book Series

The books published in this series are collections of academic papers organized by theme and written following formal criteria similar to those of scientific journals. The contents of this series are highly multi- and interdisciplinary. Submitted papers are selected and coordinated by one or several guest editors chosen by the editorial board of GKA Publishing.

The DIALOGUES series is a multidisciplinary publication that aims to combine the rigour of academic research with the diffusion of knowledge, driven always by a sense of responsibility and the purpose of contributing to the community. All published texts are written in academic format and cover a diversity of topics of relevance to their knowledge communities. All the books in this collection will be open-access publications in PDF format with a CC BY-NC-ND Creative Commons license.