Information for speakers

How does a Virtual Conference work?

The platform hosts virtual conferences devoted to a range of academic disciplines, as well as highly specialized topics. Each virtual conference has keynote speakers and a series of thematic sessions scheduled in virtual rooms according to their topics. Presentations are delivered by live videoconference (WEBINAR format), but they are also recorded and remain available for attendees to view (on demand) for one year. Participants may attend as listeners or as speakers.

What is a Virtual session (Webinar)?

In a thematic session, each virtual room will have 4 speakers and an unlimited number of listeners. Each speaker will connect to the room and present his or her work in WEBINAR format (live) for 15 minutes, supported with slides (e.g., PowerPoint) or speaking directly to the camera on their device. Each room will have a moderator who will introduce the speakers, keep time, and moderate questions from attendees for 20 minutes at the end of the session.

Technical requirements

  • You must have a microphone and a camera. Please check beforehand that they are set up correctly.
  • It is important that you use the latest version of your browser: CHROME, FIREFOX/MOZILLA, SAFARI. You can check your currently installed version here.
  • The minimum recommended upload speed to deliver a talk is +2Mbps (however, you will be able to access the room with a lower speed, although this may affect the audio/video/recording).

If you do not have sufficient network speed, or if it is unstable, you might encounter technical difficulties in the room, including connection loss and deficient audio and recordings. You can check your network speed at

How to participate

  1. Submit your proposal. Choose the conference of your interest and click on the “Submit your proposal” link. The system will redirect you to the proposal management platform: when completing the form, in the field for type of presentation you must select VIRTUAL PRESENTATION (WEBINAR).
  2. Await the result. The scientific committee will review your proposal within 2-3 weeks and will notify you via email. (Remember to check your spam box.)
  3. Register. Once your proposal has been accepted, you will be able to pay the registration fee for the conference. You will have the option to include the publication of an article (and we will apply a discount).
  4. Check the programme. 1 month before the start of the conference, the scientific committee will send you a notification email with the scheduled date and time for your talk, and a link to the virtual room where it will be held.
  5. Prepare your talk. Prepare your presentation and remember to check the technical requirements for your computer and internet connection, below.

Certificate of participation and presentation

This certificate will show the author’s details as given through the proposal platform. Details of the co-authors will appear only if they were included through the platform. The certificate will be sent in digital format by email within one month from the end of the conference.

Registration covers 1 certificate of presentation and attendance only, issued to the name of the person who submitted the proposal and paid the registration fee. Should a participant wish to have a certificate issued to a co-author who has not attended the conference but has collaborated in the work, he or she may request a “certificate of co-authorship” and pay a supplementary fee. To do so, please send an email to

No changes to proposals will be possible once they are accepted. Should you need to make an amendment or add a co-author, you must submit a new proposal and await its acceptance. If you find an error in the certificate, you may request a new one at

Will there be a conference publication?

Yes, a Digital Book of Proceedings (with ISBN) containing the abstracts of the presentations will be published and made available to download free of charge. The book will be published within 2 months from the end of the conference.

Participants are also welcome to submit their full papers for publication at a discount in one of Global Knowledge Academics’ series of books or indexed journals, subject to review and acceptance by the scientific committee.

Registration payment

You may pay for registration by credit or debit card or by bank transfer.

Cancellation and refund policy

Should you be unable to participate in the conference, and if you cannot transfer your registration to another person, you may request a refund of your registration fee. To do so you must send us a request through our contact form.

The refundable amount will depend on the date on which we receive your request and on the type of refund:

1. Money refund

If you present your refund request 15 days before the first day of the Conference, or earlier, you will be refunded 80% of your registration fee.

If you present your refund request fewer than 15 days before the first day of the Conference, you will not receive a refund.

It may take up to 90 days to process your refund.

Money refunds will be done through the same method that was used for the original payment (PayPal, credit card or bank transfer).

2. Refund in MyGKA points (1 EUR/USD = 1 Point)

You may present your refund request at any time before the first day of the Conference. You will be refunded 80% of your registration fee in GKA points (with no expiry date).

Your refund will be done immediately.